Friday, November 5, 2010


This was shared with me, can you relate?
I have PCOS. I have experienced it seems my hair falling out more in the Winter than in the Summer for some odd reason. I use more water based products now on my hair but at that time I was wearing wigs all the time and not letting my hair breathe so I never knew my hairs full potential because I wasn't wearing it at all. I wore a wig everyday because I had chemo when I was younger and it took out my hair it messed up my grade of hair completely after putting a perm in it, now I don't use any perms, or any harsh chemicals on my hair I love natural hair.

I am on Metformin so this helps with the hair loss and I also take meds that are suppose to contribute to hair loss but I think my Metformin offsets that and I also try to condition my hair everyday. Since I have been on Metformin I have noticed a lot of differences my period has went back to normal and I have lost weight. So I do believe that it works and with the proper dieting and exercise (you really don't have to do this either) it can help you loose weight. But this medicine helps a lot and exercising while taking this medicine can really help it makes you queasy and the side effects are not good but its works wonders when you do take it. It also helps your hair grow.

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