Friday, November 5, 2010

My Endocrinologist should have told me

 This story was shared by Gina:
I have PCOS and diagnosed at about 13. I was given that diagnoses by a endocrinologist because my pediatrician was concerned about my periods not comming every month and the fact that I had a black patch on the back of my neck.

The endocrinologist run test and I had an ultrasound done thats how got the diagnoses but I dont ever remember them telling me the name. They told me that I had to take Birth Control to have a period every month. My periods should become regular after I have my first kid. So in my 13 year old brain until about 18 I thought ok I can still have kids. It wasnt until at 17 going to be 18 I was in the ER with major pain in my lower right side. It turned out to be a cyst and according to the ER doc not big enough to have cause so much pain. That I ended up going to see a gyno and she told my chart said I had PCOS and was diagnosed a long time ago. I was Shocked plus she told me that it would be hard for me to have kids and I would need help to concieve. That broke my heart because one I felt the endocrinologist should have told me that and plus I always wanted kids. Since I was in college and engaged at that time, my ex and I decided to start trying to concieve. It ended up taking 3 years before I decided to stop because it became to hurtful. Plus our relationship going down hill. Now I am thinking it was God interfering there.

I dont know how I dealt with it because right now I am dealing with other issues.

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