Monday, July 26, 2010

How You Eat Is How You Live

How is your relationship with food a mirror for your life?

That's an interesting question, well worth some contemplation.

Unfortunately, all of the medications for treating insulin resistance have some adverse effects.

The majority women with PCOS are likely to have issues with food consumption and food choices. One reason is biochemical because their appetite control system is disordered.

Another reason for poor eating habits is psychological, due to poor self-esteem or feeling depressed and out of control.

For both biochemical and psychological reasons, it's very easy to reach for the wrong foods, or to eat more than we need. Much of our eating behavior is unconscious.

Below are some statements from Cheryl Richardson, a life coach after she participated in a seminar with Geneen Roth, author of "Women, Food and God". Use them as a way to gain some insight into your relationship with food, and your relationship with yourself.

"What my mind and my mouth tell me to eat is rarely what my body wants."

"What my mind tells me to do in relationship to exercise is rarely how my body wants to move."

"My head and heart often make my food and exercise choices, not my body."

"How I eat is how I live. If I'm rushed, overwhelmed, or irritated, for instance, I eat on the run, shovel food in my mouth to get meals over with, or make food choices designed to numb my frazzled nerves. These behaviors do not support weight loss or a vibrant and healthy body."

"Deprivation, restrictions, and rigid rules will always lead right back to poor food choices, rebellious overeating, and a "what the hell" attitude. It's requires a paradigm shift to get that we change with love, not with demands."

"Ending the war with food is about beginning a relationship with myself based on trust. Staying awake and listening to my body so I eat when I'm hungry, eat what my body wants, and stop when I'm full, is the path to creating a more loving and trusting relationship with myself."

"When we learn to trust ourselves with food, an even bigger world opens up to us."

Geneen Roth said: "This path isn't about losing weight quickly, it's about connecting with who you really are -- the part of you that doesn't weigh a pound."

Food for thought!

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