Monday, July 26, 2010


Wow am not sure where to begin - I am feeling fustrated, angry and hopeless. Within the past mths I have gain over 15lbs. Now I am hitting a size 10, all my summer clothes are too small, and I feel totaly hopeless and disgusting.  I know I should be saying to myself yeah I am beautiful, I am pretty and all the nice things to go with it, but honestly thats not how I feel. This feels like a never ending battle. I am very careful with what I eat- mostly frutis veggies and other healthy stuff but instead of the weight getting less its getting more- this is just plain out crazy. How do u justify looking 8wks pregnant when you know that you are not, how do you deal with people telling you congratulatons on the baby, how do you deal with your jeans not being able to close-What do I do! where do I begin! how do I begin! How do I make this go away. - grrrrrrrrrrrrr


  1. Wow girl, I have the same problem going on, but it's because of Iron Deficient Anemia. I'm taking iron vitamins and it's making me gain weight. I'm eating healthy now because i've become a vegetarian and yet, i'm not losing weight. My tummy looks like i'm in early pregnancy. Wack! But, I'm gonna go to the doctor and see what can be done about this. Could anything be done for you in this area?

  2. Wow!!Ireally felt for you reading thru this. Have you tried incorporating any exercise program in your daily routine. Honestly, diet alone does not cut it. Exercise is very important as well. I made apost about fitness on my blog. Basicall just trying to encourage anyone out there who is struggling with weight issues. You can check my blog out at