Saturday, March 27, 2010

What is PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS as many refer to it is an endocrine disorder which affect women. PCOS basically messed with a womans hormones, it causes it to be out of balance. This disease affects 1 in 15 women, its starts during the teenage years but can be controlled with medications.

In each menstration cycle, follicles grow on the ovaries. Eggs develop within these follicles, one of which will reach maturity sooner than the others and be realeased into the fallopian tubes hence ovulation. With polycyctic ovaries, the ovaries are larger than normal and they a basically undeveloped follicles which appear in clumps rather than a bunch of grapes.

Women with PCOS will have polysystic ovaries because PCOS is a syndrome, it is just a name given to the metabolic conditon in which women will polycystic ovaries along with other symptoms. PCOS is a dysfucntion which affects ther entire body not just the ovaries. So yes a woman can have PCOS with out having any cystic on her ovaries.


  1. Well, I just had a complete comment written and it disappeared! Suffice it to say, thank you for explaining PCOS. You are a beautiful woman and will help many others who think they are alone. Will look forward to learning more through following the blog. Life is long, enjoy!

  2. Continue your trod. I pray that the creator continue to strengthen you. I have similar symptoms that you refer to and I will definitly be questioning my doctor some more on this. Thank you sooooo much for opening up and sharing this part of your life. Only a Warrior Empress could be so brave. U are a true Lionness. Jah bless & guidance upon you!

  3. the problem with PCOS also is that many doctors analyze the symptoms separately!
    no period, here's the pill
    depressed about weight gain/ exercise
    but they rarely rarely look at everything together
    I've always had it and it is only 5 years ago that i was diagnosed and that's because i went to the emergency room. after a year and a half with no monthly visitor (and mind you i am on the pill to have them), I was rushed to the emergency room b/c i was losing so much blood
    sorry for the TMI :(
    that's when they did a full exam and told me guess what you have pcos
    do you have these symptoms? I am like yes
    well that's pcos..
    me: uh okay..what's that?
    since then i am much more informed and decided that i won't let it get to me :)